Why I like Os X so much???

This video shows boot fight between an 1984 Mac and 2007 32bit-PC Laptop. Judge for yourself! 🙂

I know that the today Services and Programs are made with Authoring-Software, they are not programmed, they are put together by DRAG N DROP… And the old Mac was programmed at the limits of the art of programming… that is why today’s software need more resources. Also today computers use much more apps and services than before.

From that aspect, this video is not really a perfect compare, but anyway, if you compare PC with working Os X vs the same machine running Windows, somehow MAC Os beats Windows in any aspect. Even if it’s not written for specific hardware it behaves more stable, and plug’n’play friendly.

In my case I had an gigabyte motherboard on Windows, and had a blue screen error every now and than. Slow boot was default. After i tried OS X on the same MOBO, everything works perfect, and much quicker. I was already mean to trash it, but with OS X works better than some newer windows PC’s. 🙂