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How to extract and compile DSDT.aml with DSDT Editor

DSDT.aml (Differentiated System Description Table) is a file used to tell OS X how to locate and enable features of your computer mainboard without checking of BIOS. It can be placed at the root of your system hard drive or in /Extra folder which depends on your installation method.

It’s possible to tweak Os X system in all sorts of ways by changing lines of code in the DSDT.aml file. Unfortunately, you can’t just open this file in TextEdit. First you must extract your DSDT.aml, convert it to DSDT.dsl, then edit it and recompile it to DSDT.aml. To make it easy there is a GUI application that allows you to do all of this in one editor.

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Usefull Hackintosh OsX86 related links

Hardware support

osx86project – list of suported hardware + support forum

DSDT Databases, Patches and tools

DSDT patches by mainboard

DSDT patches for specific hardware

DSDT editors and patchers

Kexts and Kext Utilities

KEXT Database + useful tools

Kext Utility

Bootloaders and utilities:

myHack bootloader and after install utility

kakewalk boot loader

empireEFI / nawCom Boot CD


Useful free Hackintosh / Mackintosh tools and applications

System Tools

Kext Utility is needed to install hardware drivers (kexts) on hackintosh computers. To install, just drag and drop your kext to app, if you already copied your kext file or multiple kexts to /Extra/Extensions or  /System/Library/Extensions/ than just run Kext Utility, enter your password and thats it, Kext utility will automatically  install kexts.

DSDT Editor and Patcher – friendly GUI application used to extract and edit your own dsdt.aml in few simple steps. Follow this How to guide to find out how to extract and compile DSDT.aml with DSDT Editor.

DSDT Patcher automatically extract and modify your DSDT. You can extract the DSDT that is built in to your motherboard manually, with a command-line tool that comes with OS X. The command ioreg will display the I/O Kit registry, which is more than we need.
DSDT will help in proper injection of hardware in OS X !

Show All Files – OS X hide many important system files from the regular user. Typically, these files are very important, and should not be tinkered with. For advanced users, it is often essential to be able to manipulate these files. With this tool  you can show or hide hidden system files on your mac.

SwitchResX – Extract EDID information (Extended display identification data) of computer monitor using SwitchResX Preferences panel.

softMCCS – Another EDID Extraction tool but for Windows only.

Geekbench provides a comprehensive set of benchmarks for quickly and accurately measure processor and memory performance. Check out your hackintosh benchmark score  (32 bit version is free, 64 bit is not free).

CPUTest – Check out your CPU (setting to test: “primenet,” 10 repetitions and 8 instances should result 100% CPU usage in Activity Monitor).

CCC Carbon Copy Cloner –  Use CCC to make a bootable backup or clone of your HDD drive.

Mactracker – provides detailed information on every Apple Macintosh computer ever made, including items such as processor speed, memory, optical drives, graphic cards, supported Mac OS versions and many other information.

Maintenance – a system maintenance and cleaning utility

SMARTReporter – warn you of some hard disk drive failures before they actually happen!

Onyx – verify the startup disk and the structure of its system files

atMonitor – system monitor and process explorer tool

Secrets – A database of hidden settings for Mac OS X

Other Software

Perian – Perian extends QuickTime support for many popular types of media

Telegram messenger – Simple, small, secure messenger for mac.

IceFloor Firewall – PF (Packet Filter) firewall for mac 10.7 or latter

Renamer – Renamer allows you to batch rename multiple files and folders at once. If you’ve ever tried to rename many files by hand and thought there must be an easier way, then Renamer is for you.

YouTube to MP3  –  YouTube to MP3 allows users to extract and save audio from YouTube in MP3 format for offline listening.