Installation of OS X 10.7.1 Lion 64bit on Gigabyte GA EP41-UD3L Updated via software update to 10.7.2

This is very easy hackintosh install tutorial which shows how to install  OSX 10.7.1 64bit on a Gigabyte GA EP41-UD3L mainboard and update to OS X 10.7.2. Tutorial should work on another Gigabyte motherboards as well, with same or different drivers selection which depends on your mother board hardware specs…

Install method: iAtkos L1 DVD (download from or search torrents and burn to DVD)

Computer Requirements:
MOBO: Gigabyte GA EP41-UD3L (Intel G41, ICH7 chipset) with integrated Lan: RTL8111C/D(L) and integrated Audio: Realtek ALC888 (works with alc8xx.kext and hdae888.kext)
Graphic card: NVIDIA 8400gs (check osx86 project for compatible graphic cards )
CPU: any core2duo or core2quad processor.
SATA HDD, SATA DVD, at least 2GB of memory, USB Mouse, USB Keyboard.

This tutorial is for educational purposes only. You, of course, assume all responsibility for choosing to follow this tutorial. Also, OS X EULA states that you can run Lion on Apple labeled hardware only.

Unplug any hard disk, except one you are using for OSX install (any data or OS will be destroyed so best choice is to use spare HDD)… The same thing is with pci cards, remove any pci cards except your graphics card.

Turn on your computer, press delete to load bios, choose “LOAD OPTIMIZED DEFAULTS” and than change your settings like this (not all changes are essentiall, but it’s the way i prefer).


Most important is to select HPET Mode: 64-bit mode and On Chip SATA Mode to Non-Combined. There is no AHCI settings for Intel G41 chipset (it is not possible to enable trim support for SSD drive)
At the end press F10 to save and exit Bios.

Insert iAtkos L1 DVD and boot your machine with it.

When installation starts, select your language, press continue, and than accept terms.

Partition your HDD with disk utility in upper menu.

In disk utility first select HDD where to install Lion, than choose number of partitions, name, under format select MAC OS extended (journaled) and press options. Under options select GUID partition table.

After disk is formated, select your HDD where you want to install OSX Lion and press Customize.

Next selection is for GA EP41-UD3L MOBO, so do the same thing if you own one, only thing different for you should be Graphic Enabler option, you can use it for certain graphic cards, if not sure leave it unchecked, and install your graphic card after installation.

After you made your selection, hit ok, select HDD where to install, and hit install.
After cca 20min, installation should be finished, when reboot, eject your DVD and wait for Lion to boot.

System should start shortly, so now you can install graphic card. method depends on hardware, so check osx86 project for compatibile cards, or google it…
In my case NVIDIA 8400GS is already installed during installation process when I checked  Bootloader Options – Graphic Enabler. This actually insert this two lines in boot.plist file.

You can also use other method for NVIDIA 8400GS, if the first method not working, so first remove   <key>GraphicsEnabler... from boot plist if there, and than install this two kext packages - NVIDIA 8400GS 256MB KEXTS 10.7

To update to 10.7.2, use native Software Update.
Update will  broke sound drivers, so  browse iAtkos L1 DVD, go to System/Installation/Packages/sound/ and run alc8xx.pkg, and if needed hdae888.pkg. Restart your system.
You can also download this two package files here

Now you should be running fully operational Mac OSX Lion 10.7.2!

Known bugs:
– sleep wont work, so disable it in System Preferences – Energy Saver

7 thoughts on “Installation of OS X 10.7.1 Lion 64bit on Gigabyte GA EP41-UD3L Updated via software update to 10.7.2

  1. Works great, using a ATI HD 6850. Only I used the more ‘clean’ install with an official Lion install DVD and a DSDT for this motherboard. Sleep doesn’t work with a DSDT too, the DSDT works fine with Snow Leopard (sleep as well).
    Found anything for that yet?

  2. Everything works great! Although has anyone manged to get it working properly with 4870×2? I also can’t get my belkin F5D8055 v2 working. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated!

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