Installation of OS X 10.6.3 Snow Leopard on Toshiba Satellite M100-165 PSMA1E

method: iAtkos s3 ver2 10.6.3
( this method also works for Toshiba Satellite M100 PSMADA 01E00D, BIOS version 5, and probably with other m100 models )

Files needed:
iAtkos s3 ver2 10.6.3 iso image (search torents) – and burn on DVD
Toshiba M100-165 Extra Files can be found here or  here (copy to usb or cd)

Toshiba m100-165 PSMA1E hardware specifications:
MOBO: Mobile Intel Calistoga i945PM.
MOBO integrated Graphics adapter: Ati mobility radeon x1400 256mb (PCI ven 1002 dev 7145 ( QE/CI enabled, 1280×800)).
MOBO integrated Lan:Intel pro/100 vm (pci  ven 8086 dev 1093).
MOBO integrated Audio: Realtek high definition audio ALC861 (ven 10EC dev 0861).
MOBO integrated Wireless: Intel pro/wireless 3945ABG (pci ven 8086 dev 4222) (not working).
CPU:Intel core duo T2300 1.66 GHz 2MB L2 Cache, FSB 677MHz.
RAM: 3g pc6400 2+1 DDR 2 800MHz  memory (usually this laptop comes with only 512Mb of RAM(pc4200), u should upgrade this for snowleo, mobo supports up to 4GB…).

This tutorial is for educational purposes only. You, of course, assume all responsibility for choosing to follow this tutorial. Also, OS X EULA states that you can run Snow Leopard on Apple labeled hardware only.


Bios Settings (V3.00):
Turn on your comp, press F2 to load BIOS, and set it up like on photos below …
toshiba m100-165 osx bios settings toshiba m100-165 osx bios settings 2toshiba m100-165 osx bios settings 2
Press F10 to save changes, and exit.

At boot press F12 to select your boot device, Insert your iAtkos s3 DVD in your DVD rom and select DVD Rom as boot device.

Now wait for installation screen, choose your language, agree to the terms, and select disk utility under utilities in upper menu. Format your hard drive like GUID Partition Table (your data will be lost).
Click here to found out how to install OS X, and how to partition your HDD Drive )
Close Disk utility, and when installation screen appear, select your HDD and press Customize. Than check next options:
os x iatkos s3 customize install 10.6.3iatkos customize installation iatkos customize installation 2iatkos customize installation 3iatkos customize installation 4iatkos customize installation 5

Proceed with install, and wait until installation complete.
After Install Succeeded, reboot, and wait for system to boot. This may take a while at first boot.

System should start now, enter your keyboard layout, location and registration and you are ready for the next step.

Unzip u downloaded earlier, copy radeonHD.kext, ATIRadeonX1000.kext and IONetworkingFamily.kext to System/Library/Extensions.
Run Kext Utility application from extra pack, to clear kext catche and rapair permisions. ignore errors if any.
Run Terminal from Utilities and enter “sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0” without quotes, press enter, type your password and hit enter again.
Run DSDT patcher from Toshiba_M100-165_Extra_Files, and when file dsdt.aml is created, copy it to your hdd root. (u can also try to use existing dsdt.aml from Extra_Files instead of patching new one)

Now reboot, and cross your fingers 🙂
System should start now with 1280×800 resolution with QE/CI enabled. Go to System Preferences and select Network. Your new network should appear now, hit apply and your network is up and running.
In System Preferences choose Energy Saver and disable it cause sleep will cause u trouble…
Im still not able to run wireless card, but its easy fix with numerous OSX compatible USB  wireless cards u can buy cheap…

I haven’t tested voodoo battery drivers because my battery is dead, but i think it should work as well .

Update to 10.6.6 combo  ( ) causes problems with cursor, so after update, again, copy radeonHD.kext and ATIRadeonX1000.kext to System/Library/Extensions.
Run Kext Utility, restart.

Enjoy your new HACKIN-TOSHIBA 🙂

Known bugs:
– intel pro/wireless 3945ABG drivers not working (anyway u should check development of drivers at and wait until somebody makes it work ). Alternative is to buy USB wireless or another mini pci wireless card to replace your intel pro/wireless 3945ABG.
– intel pro/100 vm every now and than fails to connect to network (just reboot and it works, it happens to me in one of 20 boots).
– sleep wont work (u should disable sleep in System Preferences / Energy Saver)
– system halts on start every now and than  (i think its graphic card kexts) but just restart and everything should work ok again.

27 thoughts on “Installation of OS X 10.6.3 Snow Leopard on Toshiba Satellite M100-165 PSMA1E

  1. Thank you for the nice post, I was able to use it perfectly.
    One problem remained though: after updating to 10.6.6, my screen is scrambled. Do you know how to fix it?

    1. i didn’t manage to make it work with 10.6.6 or 10.6.7 (scrambled screen is because of Graphic driver problem)…
      but 10.6.3 works just fine for me, so update is not needed

  2. Great tut, worked like a charm on my Satellite M100… Problem though, all was well untill i added the Toshiba extras. Restarted and now nadda! I can’t boot in again, stuck at the apple screen. Also can’t boot into the installer anymore, after a while it just shuts down my laptop. Any ideas?

    1. Not sure, but u should be able to boot installer again if u did it first time. Try to boot with -x or -v. Try to remove graphic kexts

      1. As it turns out, I logged back into Windows and did (had to) a full format of the HDD partition and then the installer would run, then formatted back for OSX. I only installed the graphics mods from the extras file and it works like a charm! Dual boot and all. Guys at work were a bit perplexed to see my Toshiba running OSX with windows 7 running in terminal window 🙂 Next, wireless!

        1. Great, please leave a comment if u succeed to run wireless card. Alternative is to buy USB wireless or another mini pci wireless card to replace your intel pro/wireless 3945ABG.

    1. Basically, it’s a problem with x1400 graphic card kexts, try to boot with -x (safe mode), and play around with it. I’m sure it’s possible to make it work

      1. I found out that after I enlarged the cursor (system preferences/universal access/mouse/cursor size), it appeared properly.

        1. Great news,I added this to tutorial. Please let us know if 10.6.6 combo update caused any bugs after enlarging the cursor size…

        2. Can confirm also that the combo update does work, but I do warn, if you are a stickler for aesthetics like I am then this will really bug you! I was under the assumption that enlarging the cursor then defaulting back to the original size would work… Nah uh, you’re cursor stays quite plump!

          Anyone know of a fix for this? (Still playing with the wireless, just a lot of system shutdowns at the moment) :/

  3. After one hour of use, I have to admit too that enlarging the cursor didn’t solve the problem in many applications (safari, appstore, etc.). I’m sorry for the false information. Next week I’ll try to install some custom cursor sets but I don’t attach hopes to it. If I found some solution, I’ll let you know.

  4. Good news! Once the Combo Update was installed I had the cursor problem as stated before, also the whole system was lagging, safari was crashing and the app store just didn’t cut it.
    Copy the two graphics files back again from the Toshiba extras file and run the kext utility, restart, BINGO! The cursor is fixed (after resizing back down), app store seems to run smooth, as does the whole system overall. And hang on a second……..

    Yup, xcode4 still working. 😀

      1. Great, again (hope this time for real)…please confirm me that now everything works fine so i’ll update the tutorial 🙂

        1. I’ve been on OS X all day, logged into a windows machine at work through CoRD and not missed a beat. Even got a few app from the App Store. So far so good!

          Just to let you know, from the Extras download, the only files that I have used since fresh install are the two graphics files.

        2. Also (again), just to clarify, I am using a Toshiba Satellite M100 PSMADA 01E00D, BIOS version 5 (I think) with Dual Boot Windows 7 / OS X (primary)

          1. Nice 🙂
            What about intel pro/100 vm network card ( IONetworkingFamily.kext )? You are not using this kext ? How did u manage to make it work without this kext?

  5. I have network through a cable, no wireless as of yet, but bluetooth has literally just popped up (5 minutes ago) and is paired with my blackberry. Maybe it came with the update? Not sure.

    Just had a look at the IONetworkingFamily.kext and I think I still have the original (just over 3MB, replacement file is just over 1MB). I didn’t touch this file at all, networking was working out of the box, so to speak.

  6. Another error occured to me: mac os stops my cpu cooler during boot (before loading, in the bios or starting windows xp, it works ok). Did any of you experienced such thing? Does anyone know the solution?

    1. Sorry mistvan, can’t say I’ve noticed any error like that. I’ve had the laptop running for 4 days now continuously and haven’t had a problem. Once every now and then it instantly powers off, but very rare. I’ll keep looking. On another note, any news on wireless? My bluetooth is working fine, but I still have this cable for internet! I don’t know how many times the dog has reefed my laptop across the lounge room now! 😛

      1. I had a similar problem with overheating once, but after restarting everything works normal again… wireless is still a problem for me too…

  7. 3 time stuck at

    using netbookinstaller 0.8pre and HDD external as Bootable

    anyone can help?

    1. finally i found the problem with installation… and succeed my installation and boot to mac..
      FYI. my laptop toshiba m100 psma0a-145 …

      now another problem appear as my keyboard wont work, so i use usb keyboard..
      need some research now and then …
      or maybe someone can help

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