How to create bootable Mavericks 10.9.1 USB installer using myHack

myhack create osx 10_9
In this guide I will create bootable USB installer using latest MyHack 3.3.1. Process is quite the same like in the older versions of Myhack, the only thing diferent now is an option to create latest 10.9 Mavericks. Again, no terminal or coding required, just use this simple tool  to create your own bootable USB installer.

To complete this tutorial you will need:
– Install OS X from the app store or the InstallESD.dmg from it. The  OS X Mavericks Install app is free on App store  if you allready have osx 10.6.8 or later.
– USB Flash Drive with min. 8GB of space.
myHack (version 3.3.1 in this tutorial)
– Working OS X 10.6 or newer to prepare your installation device (this can be a real mac, a hackintosh, or windows with OS X virtual machine).

Make sure that the external stick that you will be creating the OS X installer on is mounted and it has an empty HFS+ formatted partition of at least 8GB in size on it. You can partition and format it using Disk Utility. The partition scheme may be either “GUID Partition Table” (GPT) or “Master Boot Record” (MBR). MBR is used if you need multi boot with diferent operating systems, if you only use mac than GUID is right choice

So first plug your USB drive to working Os X, open Disk Utility from /Applications/Utilities and select your USB Disk from the left menu. Click “Partition” in the upper menu, select “1 Partition”, Name it the way you want, in my case “OSXINSTALL”, under Format select “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)”. Click Options and select “GUID Partition Table” . At the end click Apply and Partition and wait until finish. Close disk utility.

Disk utility

Run the, myHack will ask you to enter your administrative password, enter your password and proceed to the next step, the password will only be stored in your system memory it is not recorded, stored, or transmitted anywhere.
Than select “Create OS X 10.9 Install Disk”, as a target select your USB drive (“OSXINSTALL”). When “myHack needs the location of the installation source” appears click “Browse Manually”, browse to your InstalESD.dmg file, or app, select it and click “Open”. Wait for a while and when “Ready to copy installation data to target” appears just click “Ok” to continue. Wait for a while, be patient until “myHack finished” message.

Now your bootable OS X 10.9 Mavericks USB Installer is ready to use, or modify if needed.
Start your computer and boot with it.

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  1. Hello,

    probably some people might prefer, if you would tell them about, which choice they should take, when they’re questioned to get the usb stick prepared for mbr boot or not. In this case it would be very helpful, if you would let us know about the pros and cons that we choose alike both alternatives.

    I’m going to figure it out at least, because I’m not sure which way is best, to get Mac OS X running or not on the hardware I bought before I found out, that there’s a chance on Hackintosh modifying OS X for a standard computer system.

    Best regards

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